1.1/2" Galvanized Tear Drop Hanger

1.1/2" Galvanized Tear Drop

Product #: 1150150EG

Weight: 0.107


The 115 Standard Duty Loop Hanger is ideal for suspending stationary, non-insulated pipe lines, including CPVC pipes, in fire sprinkler systems. A knurled insert nut helps simplify vertical adjustments and flared edges on the base (1/2” to 4” sizes) help protect pipes from coming into contact with any sharp edges of the hanger.


  • Flared edges help prevent any sharp surfaces from coming into contact with the pipe (1/2" to 4" sizes)
  • Retained insert nut helps ensure the loop hanger and insert nut stay together
  • Recommended for the suspension of stationary non-insulated pipe lines
  • Manufactured to use the minimum rod size permitted by NFPA® for fire sprinkler piping
  • Conforms with Federal Specification WW-H-171 (Type 10), Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) SP-58 (Type 10)

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