Nu-Calgon Nu-Solve NR no-rinse Conderser Coil Cleaner (gallon)

Nu-Calgon Nu-Solve NR no-rinse
Conderser Coil Cleaner

Product #: 4295-08



Nu-Solve NR is a ready-to-use, detergent based cleaner to aid in the removal of efficiency-robbing grime on the condenser coil. The non-foaming specialty cleaner does not require a water rinse for situations where water availability is an issue. Nu-Solve NR is safe on plastic, metal and rubber materials. The cleaner is VOC, CARB compliant, contains no Prop. 65 compounds and ships as a non-hazmat product.

The cleaner is specially formulated for applications where water availability for rinsing the coil is problematic. Nu-Solve NR should be used when solvent based aerosol options are not economically practical, or where it is desirable to have less diluted coil cleaner on the roof when cleaning a line-up of dusty rooftop coils. Nu-Solve NR is an engineered, ready-to-use alternative than to merely spraying the coil with portable water since water alone does not address varying organic films that caused the soils to adhere to the coil in the first place. Nu-Solve NR emulsifies grime off the outdoor coil; simply spray the coil and go! For severely contaminated coils or embedded material (i.e., cottonwood), a more aggressive Nu-Calgon outdoor coil cleaner is required.

Nu-Solve NR provides post cleaning benefits of treating the aluminum surface for added corrosion protection and improves ease of grime removal off the coil on scheduled maintenance intervals

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