EnviroGard 30% Pre-mixed NSF Glycol (5-Gallon pail)

EnviroGard 30% Pre-mixed NSF
Glycol (5-Gallon pail)

Product #: EVG RTU-30-05

Volume: 5


Non-Toxic, Freeze and Corrosion Protection

fluid for Heating & Cooling Systems

· Premixed Ready-to-Use (RTU) Heat Transfer Fluid

· All Ingredients are listed by the USDA and FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS)

· Registered by the NSF and Rated HT1, Thus May Be Used in Systems Where Incidental Food Contact is Possible, as well as Ground Source Geothermal Systems

· Blended with Virgin Propylene Glycol and D.I. Water

· Contains Corrosion Inhibitors and Performance Additives

· Meets the Corrosion Protection Requirements of ASTM D1384

· Protects Cast Iron, Copper, Steel and Brass

· Helps Keep Heat Exchanger Surfaces Clean

· Maximizes System Efficiency

· Customized Freeze or Burst Protection

· Non hazardous

· Environmentally Friendly


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