Furnace Blower Motor 1/4hp 230v 1075rpm

Furnace Blower Motor 1/4hp
230v 1075rpm

Product #: WG840584


These motors install with all standard 48 frame mounting brackets. They are a quiet operator and electrically reversible. There is an Automatic Thermal Overload Protector and they have class B insulation. The speed is 1075/3 and 60 HZ with low power consumption. The motor uses a 370V Capacitor and has a standard 48 frame motor casing size. There is a continuous duty, air over on this motor and the 2.5in. diameter hub rings are included.

Direct Drive Furnace Blower Motor, 1/4hp, 1075/3 RPM, 2.2FLA, 208-230V

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