Cadet Touchless HET Tank

Cadet Touchless HET Tank

Product #: 4000.709.020

Volume: 0.76


  • 2-1/2 inch diameter sensor module can be installed on wall within 3 feet of toilet or on top of toilet tank
  • TOUCHLESS FLUSH - Wave hand slowly within 1-1/2" of sensor face for approximately 2 seconds to trigger a powerful flush
  • MANUAL FLUSH - Push and hold the actuator button for approximately 2 seconds ensuring continual operation in the event batteries need replacing
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED - one-year battery life powered by 3 AAA sensor and 4 AA control module batteries based on an average of 12 flushes per day
  • Flushes at 1.28 gpf
  • EverClean antimicrobial surface
  • Included: Hand Sensor, Control Module, Batteries, Tank-to-Bowl Gasket, Attachment Handle, 2 Plastic Washers, 2 Nuts
  • Uses Radio-Frequency (RF) and capacitive technology from R&T supplier
  • The 3-inch flush control tower assembly has an integrated fill valve and in-line filter
  • Every tank comes with a factory installed chrome finish manual flush button
  • The control module is plugged into the flush connector and clipped to the filter line
  • Concealed bowl design

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