RectorSeal 4-5-6 Square Ceiling Diffuser 6X6

RectorSeal 4-5-6 Square
Ceiling Diffuser 6X6

Product #: MV4S


Model MV ceiling diffuser with 4 way grille
Our Model MV ceiling diffuser line is a snap to install in any ceiling. Quick tear off bands allow for easy size changes and our swinging clips will fasten the assembly into the ceiling in seconds! Made from high impact polymers and featuring a virtually airtight damper for winter shut off and/or volume control makes them a great fit in any application.

Duct Sizes – 4? 5? 6?
Max Ceiling Thickness – 1.25?
Strap Included – Y
Integral Damper – Y
Required Hole Diameter – 7.25?
Temperature Range –
AK Factor – 0.